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Zerophone Assembly Guide (Delta revision)


There are a few documents you can use to help you assemble your ZeroPhone:

If you get stuck or are unsure about something, feel free to ask for help on IRC (details on the wiki's frontpage).




  • Delta keypad down.jpg
  • Delta keypad up.jpg
  • Soldered delta keypad up.jpg
  • Soldered keypad back delta.JPG
  • Suggested color-coding for the keypad

The keypad is a good start if you doubt your soldering skills: it's easy to solder and hard to mess up. You should solder the buttons before the headers.

Tip: In case you purchased side buttons without plastic pins that go into the PCB holes, you might want to superglue the buttons to the board before soldering them so they don't slip while soldering, as well as don't tear off as easily. You should then be careful while soldering, though, make sure to not let the fumes near your face.

For this step, you will need:

  • 4x: 4-pin side buttons
  • 8x: 2-pin buttons
  • 17x: 4-pin buttons
  • 3x: 3-pin male header
  • 2x: 2-pin male header
  • 1x: 1-pin male header
  • 1x: 4-pin male heaser

Back board

Soldering order:

  • SMDs
  • Headers
  • Charging port
  • GSM module
  • 5v step-up
  • USB port
  • USB wires
  • Raspberry Pi Zero

Required components (generated by KiCAD):

  • 3pcs: 0805 47 resistor (R6,R5,R7)
  • 17pcs: 0805 10K resistor (R9,R13,R1,R2,R3,R4,R8,R10,R11,R15,R16,R18,R19,R20,R23,R25,R29)
  • 13pcs: 0805 100nF capacitor (C1,C11,C2,C5,C6,C8,C9,C10,C13,C14,C25,C16,C18)
  • 1pcs: simple 2-pin button (SW1)
  • 1pcs: 1x06 straight male pinheader (2.54mm) (P6)
  • 1pcs: SS14 D_MiniMELF_Handsoldering (D1)
  • 2pcs: 1x05 angled female pinheader (2.54mm) (P2,P3)
  • 1pcs: 1x03 angled female pinheader (2.54mm) (P7)
  • 1pcs: 1x12 angled female pinheader (2.54mm) (J1)
  • 5pcs: 0603 10pF capacitor (C17,C19,C20,C21,C15)
  • 3pcs: 0603 33pF capacitor (C22,C24,C12)
  • 1pcs: DC_DC breakout (U6)
  • 2pcs: 0603 1uH inductor (L1,L2) # Will add to package once I have it
  • 1pcs: 1x06 straight female pinheader (2.54mm) (P4)
  • 2pcs: 100uF CP_Tantalum_Case-D_EIA-7343-31_Hand (C4,C7)
  • 1pcs: MCP23017 SOIC-28W_7.5x17.9mm_Pitch1.27mm (U3)
  • 1pcs: 24C32 SOIC-8_3.9x4.9mm_Pitch1.27mm (U5)
  • 1pcs: TP4056 breakout (U4)
  • 1pcs: Led_RGB_CA_CC RGB_5050 (D3)
  • 5pcs: IRLML6401 IRLML6401-SOT-23_Handsoldering (Q1,Q2,Q4,Q5,Q6)
  • 1pcs: 74LS125 SOIC-14_3.9x8.7mm_Pitch1.27mm (U7)
  • 2pcs: 1N4148 1N4148-D_MiniMELF_Handsoldering (D2,D6)
  • 1pcs: 0805 5V1 diode (D4) # Not required
  • 3pcs: 0603 1K8 resistor (R14,R17,R24)
  • 1pcs: LM339 SOIC-14_3.9x8.7mm_Pitch1.27mm (U8)
  • 2pcs: 0603 270 resistor (R21,R22)
  • 1pcs: USB_A USB_A (P9)
  • 1pcs: SIM800 breakout (U2)
  • 1pcs: JST JST_PH_S2B-PH-SM4-TB_02x2.00mm_Angled (P8)
  • 1pcs: 2x20 straight male pinheader (U1)
  • 1pcs: BC847 BC847B-SOT-23_Handsoldering (Q3)
  • 1pcs: TL431DBZ SOT-23_Handsoldering (D5)
  • 4pcs: 0805 yet-to-be-determined resistor (R12,R28,R27,R26)

Upper/Front side

Delta assembly reference pcb 1.png Delta assembly reference pcb 2.png Delta assembly reference pcb 3.png

Lower/Back side


Front board



The first set of jumper depend on the model of display you use:

  • Heltec displays
  • Solder jumper configuration for Heltec displays

Warning: make sure you have the VCC and GND pins wired correctly! Wiring them incorrectly will destroy the display the instant you power the phone on.