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This page describes ZeroPhone hardware&software status, as well as license information.

Hardware status

Gamma revision

See also: Gamma revision hardware status

Features supported in both hardware and software

  • 1.3" monochrome OLED display
  • 30-button keypad
  • Battery charging and low-voltage/overcurrent protection
  • 7-color RGB LED
  • Full-size USB port with host function
  • 3.5mm stereo jack

Features supported in hardware

  • Software power switch (able to remove battery power from ZeroPhone)
  • Slave function of USB port
  • MiniHDMI socket
    • note: there's no desktop environment shipped with ZeroPhone software yet, so HDMI can only be used for console output, unless a desktop environment is installed manually

Features that are not fully working

  • GSM microphone has a lot of noise in it - is going to be solved in the next PCB revision (regression from Beta revision)
  • GSM software: existing frameworks are still being investigated for suitability

License information

pyLCI (the ZeroPhone UI framework) is licensed under Apache license

ZeroPhone PCB files and ZeroPhone mod board PCB files are licensed under GPLv3

ZeroPhone keypad controller firmware is licensed under GPLv3

The esp8089 driver that's used for WiFi function on ZeroPhone (using an ESP-12 ESP8266 module) is licensed under GPLv2