SMD assembly

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SMD markings on PCB

To make from-scratch assembly easier, there are silkscreen markings on the PCB for various components, usually inside the components' outline or near the component. Some of these markings are written fully, so you can look at the BOM item nd find the needed component (like "MCP23017", "270R" or "33pF"), however, some markings are shortened - for those, the disambiguation is as follows:

Marking Component
R (2-pin) 10K 0805 resistor
C (2-pin) 100nF 0805 capacitor
0 (2-pin) 0 ohm 0805 resistor
4 (2-pin) 47R 0805 resistor
Z (2-pin) 5V1 Zener diode
SS (2-pin) SS14 (1N5819) SMA Schottky diode
1N (2-pin) 1N4148 MiniMELF diode
B (3-pin) BC847 SOT-23 NPN transistor
F (3-pin) IRLML6401 SOT-23 P-FET
9 (3-pin) BAW99/BAT54S SOT-23 ESD diode