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Zerophone Assembly Guide (Delta revision)


There are a few documents you can use to help you assemble your ZeroPhone:

If you get stuck or are unsure about something, feel free to ask for help on IRC (details on the wiki's frontpage).




Delta keypad down.jpg

The keypad is a good start if you doubt your soldering skills: it's easy to solder and hard to mess up. You should solder the buttons before the headers.

Tip: you might want to glue the buttons to the board before soldering them so they don't slip.

For this step, you will need:

  • 4x: 4-pin side buttons
  • 8x: 2-pin buttons
  • 17x: 4-pin buttons
  • 3x: 3-pin male header
  • 2x: 2-pin male header
  • 1x: 1-pin male header
  • 1x: 4-pin male heaser

Delta keypad up.jpg Soldered delta keypad up.jpg Soldered keypad back delta.JPG

Back board

Soldering order:

  • SMDs
  • Headers
  • Charging port
  • GSM module
  • 5v step-up
  • USB port
  • USB wires
  • Raspberry Pi Zero

Required components (generated by KiCAD):

  • 3pcs: 0805 47 resistor (R6,R5,R7)
  • 17pcs: 0805 10K resistor (R9,R13,R1,R2,R3,R4,R8,R10,R11,R15,R16,R18,R19,R20,R23,R25,R29)
  • 13pcs: 0805 100nF capacitor (C1,C11,C2,C5,C6,C8,C9,C10,C13,C14,C25,C16,C18)
  • 1pcs: simple 2-pin button (SW1)
  • 1pcs: 1x06 straight male pinheader (2.54mm) (P6)
  • 1pcs: SS14 D_MiniMELF_Handsoldering (D1)
  • 2pcs: 1x05 angled female pinheader (2.54mm) (P2,P3)
  • 1pcs: 1x03 angled female pinheader (2.54mm) (P7)
  • 1pcs: 1x12 angled female pinheader (2.54mm) (J1)
  • 5pcs: 0603 10pF capacitor (C17,C19,C20,C21,C15)
  • 3pcs: 0603 33pF capacitor (C22,C24,C12)
  • 1pcs: DC_DC breakout (U6)
  • 2pcs: 0603 1uH inductor (L1,L2) # Will add to package once I have it
  • 1pcs: 1x06 straight female pinheader (2.54mm) (P4)
  • 2pcs: 100uF CP_Tantalum_Case-D_EIA-7343-31_Hand (C4,C7)
  • 1pcs: MCP23017 SOIC-28W_7.5x17.9mm_Pitch1.27mm (U3)
  • 1pcs: 24C32 SOIC-8_3.9x4.9mm_Pitch1.27mm (U5)
  • 1pcs: TP4056 breakout (U4)
  • 1pcs: Led_RGB_CA_CC RGB_5050 (D3)
  • 5pcs: IRLML6401 IRLML6401-SOT-23_Handsoldering (Q1,Q2,Q4,Q5,Q6)
  • 1pcs: 74LS125 SOIC-14_3.9x8.7mm_Pitch1.27mm (U7)
  • 2pcs: 1N4148 1N4148-D_MiniMELF_Handsoldering (D2,D6)
  • 1pcs: 0805 5V1 diode (D4) # Not required
  • 3pcs: 0603 1K8 resistor (R14,R17,R24)
  • 1pcs: LM339 SOIC-14_3.9x8.7mm_Pitch1.27mm (U8)
  • 2pcs: 0603 270 resistor (R21,R22)
  • 1pcs: USB_A USB_A (P9)
  • 1pcs: SIM800 breakout (U2)
  • 1pcs: JST JST_PH_S2B-PH-SM4-TB_02x2.00mm_Angled (P8)
  • 1pcs: 2x20 straight male pinheader (U1)
  • 1pcs: BC847 BC847B-SOT-23_Handsoldering (Q3)
  • 1pcs: TL431DBZ SOT-23_Handsoldering (D5)
  • 4pcs: 0805 yet-to-be-determined resistor (R12,R28,R27,R26)

Upper/Front side

Delta assembly reference pcb 1.png Delta assembly reference pcb 2.png Delta assembly reference pcb 3.png

Lower/Back side


Front board



The first set of jumper depend on the model of display you use:

  • Heltec displays
  • Solder jumper configuration for Heltec displays

Warning: make sure you have the VCC and GND pins wired correctly! Wiring them incorrectly will destroy the display the instant you power the phone on.