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This page lists all the ZeroPhone contributors that have helped with software, hardware and project infrastructure, as well as valuable advice. This page is WIP, I'll be updating it once I crawl through my archives. The page is certainly not yet complete, there are still people to be mentioned and I'll revisit it from time to time as I work on ZeroPhone and go through the project materials.

Software contributors

  • Doug - is refactoring ZeroPhone UI software and covering it with tests, made the UI emulator
  • Dillon Nichols - has found and created lots of 3D models for ZeroPhone 3D model (to help people design ZeroPhone cases)
  • Brian Dunlay - refactored the pyLCI emulator to fix a major bug

Hardware contributors

  • Jaromir Sukuba - reviewed and improved ZeroPhone beta version PCBs, giving valuable advice on overall design, as well as GSM modem-related intricacies


  • Maxlive_dev - set up newsletter archive and this Wiki, as well as discussed various aspects of ZeroPhone with me and gave many ideas

Advice and inspiration


TODO: go through PayPal, reach out to people and ask if they are OK with being mentioned

Special thanks to

All the people who have filled in the ZeroPhone survey, providing feedback as I'm moving with this project.