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[06:56] <fnux> I don't trust pip or any language-specific package manager. I understand it's far from a priority to package those dependencies, but from the point of view of the distribution that's the only proper thing to do. 
[06:56] <CRImier> there's a lot of things we need to do in a proper way, and we're getting there in some places =) 
[06:56] <CRImier> like, we have an actual repo 
[06:56] <CRImier> and metapackages 
[06:58] <CRImier> but, let's say, app distribution - I think it makes sense to use pip in some cases 
[06:59] <CRImier> I thnk being able to publish an app without any involvement from our side is a good idea 
[06:59] <CRImier> (as are app blacklists, of course) 
[06:59] <fnux> Do we have a wiki page on the APT repository? I only found github issues. 
[06:59] <CRImier> (because people will try and fuck things up) 
[07:00] <CRImier> not yet, what would you expect to see on that page? 
[07:00] <CRImier> there's this: 
[07:00] <CRImier> https://wiki.zerophone.org/index.php/ZeroPhone_OS_from_Raspbian#Adding_the_ZeroPhone_repository 
[07:00] <CRImier> aaand it was outdated, fixed =D 
[07:02] <fnux> Where it is, the public key, what do we use, how to add a package, and so on. I think it is important enough to deserve its own page. 
[07:02] <CRImier> first two points are described there 
[07:02] <CRImier> what do we use - as in? 
[07:02] <CRImier> how to add a package - to our repo? haven't had that need yet; the metapackages are stored on GH so PRs are welcome 
[07:03] <fnux> There are so many way to setup a debian repository, some documentation on the infrastructure. 
[07:03] <CRImier> https://github.com/zerophone/virtual_packages 
[07:03] <fnux> Well, a procedure or just that sentence is good enough. 
[07:03] <CRImier> wait, why'd we document that info? as a tutorial? 
[07:04] <CRImier> also, I don't yet understand - you're proposing a way for people to add their own packages, or just a doc describing the infrastructure in more detail? or some of that plus something else? 
[07:06] <fnux> Well, you are the only one managing the infrastructure so it doesn't really matter for now but it's nice to know what's running under the hood. As the for the packages, what is the procedure to get some in the repo. I'm just picky on packaging and documentation on it. 
[07:06] <fnux> I package everything I use seriously. 
[07:08] <CRImier> I see, will add it to my Wiki TODO 
[07:08] <CRImier> we use reprepro, pretty much