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The ZeroPhone assembly is split into two major parts:

  • SMD (Surface-Mounted Device) components. In a kit, these will be already soldered to the boards - so, if you get a kit with SMD parts already assembled, you don't need to worry about SMD assembly and perform any of the SMD assembly steps. You only need to worry about SMD assembly if you are getting the bare PCBs and components separately.
  • THT (Through-hole Technology) components and breakouts. In a kit, these will not be soldered to the boards, but will be supplied as a part of the kit. So, these are the parts you will need to solder - unless you're getting a fully-assembled phone. Note - certain kits won't have all the parts, so you might have to source some parts separately, that information will be available to you.


Make sure you have all the tools and materials required/desired for ZeroPhone assembly.

Starting with a kit

In a kit, you will have the SMD parts already soldered on. So, just follow the Kit assembly page.

Starting from scratch

If you're doing self-assembly, follow the SMD assembly page. After SMD assembly is done, follow the Kit assembly page.

After-assembly fixes

There are things that you might have to after/during assembly to fix hardware problems. Check the After-assembly fixes page and see if there are fixes you need to apply to your boards.