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The ZeroPhone assembly is split into two major parts:

  • SMD (Surface-Mounted Device) components. In a kit, these will be already soldered to the boards.
  • THT (Through-hole Technology) components and breakouts. In a kit, these will not be soldered to the boards, but will be supplied as a part of the kit. Note - certain kits won't have all the parts, so you will have to source some parts separately.


Make sure you have all the tools and materials required/desired for ZeroPhone assembly

Starting with a kit

In a kit, you will have the SMD parts already soldered on. So, just follow the Kit assembly page.

Starting from scratch

If you're doing self-assembly, follow the SMD assembly page. After SMD assembly is done, follow the Kit assembly page.

After-assembly fixes

There are things that you might have to after/during assembly to fix hardware problems. Check the After-assembly fixes page and see if there are fixes you need to apply to your boards.