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This page contains all the information relevant to the ZeroPhone 3D design, both materials and existing cases - at some point, the cases will be moved to a separate .


ZP Gamma case by Ninjalicious

  • ZeroPhone Gamma case Ninjalicious v1 2.JPG
  • ZeroPhone Gamma case Ninjalicious v1 1.JPG

This case was designed by Ninjalicious for the ZeroPhone Gamma (not suitable for Delta). It's good enough for day-to-day tasks, though it does make the phone look bulkier.


3D materials

STEP model of ZeroPhone

Screenshot of the model from Solidworks 2016

This model is a result of a STEP export from KiCad, coupled with some Solidworks work to merge all the parts together. The current STEP model version is V1, created on 30 Dec. 2018, and is suitable for designing cases around. This model represents both Delta and Delta-B revisions. There's no STEP model for the Gamma ZeroPhone yet.

Download STEP Download STL