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This page lists all the software that is directly used in ZeroPhone development environments, supporting infrastructure and other places, automating things that can be easily automated. Some software is developed by us for us, some is self-hosted. This page is maintained because this software might be useful for other open-source projects.

For list of software used in ZeroPhones, see Software.

ZeroPhone-specific software



This is a script that reads a full image from an SD card connected to the computer, zip's it up, creates a .torrent file for it and a description for the Downloads page.



This is a script that grabs the Sourcing guidelines page and creates a PDF checklist from it.


This is a script that grabs the (Mailchimp-driven) ZeroPhone newsletter editions from the newsletter's "View in browser" link and reformats it into the post format that is used in the blog engine.

VSFTPD log box software


This is a collection of scripts that is used in the ZeroPhone log collection infrastructure.

KiCad-specific software

KiCad BOM conversion tools


This is a collection of scripts used to process the BOM CSV files exported from KiCad (tailored for ZeroPhone).

.pos file merger for GerberPanelizer panels


A script that takes a GerberPanelizer panel file and merges the associated KiCad .pos files into a single file - for pick&placing a panel of PCBs in one go.


sigal (

GitHub (third-party) Our instance

A static gallery generator, used to make an easily accessible catalog of ZeroPhone photos.

InteractiveHtmlBom (

GitHub (third-party) Our instance Our Docker packaging

A PCB assembly helper website generator, to be used by people assembling their own ZeroPhones from scratch.