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!!! The most up-to-date instructions have now been moved to ZPUI documentation! !!! This page will no longer have instructions after some point in the future.

Emulator window screenshot

If you want to develop ZPUI apps, but don't yet have the ZeroPhone hardware, there's an option to use the emulator with a Linux PC - it's going to use your screen and keyboard, instead of requiring ZeroPhone hardware. The emulator works very well for app development, as well as for ZPUI core feature development.

System requirements

  • Some kind of Linux - there are install instructions for Ubuntu, Debian and OpenSUSE, but it will likely work with other systems, too
  • Graphical environment (the emulator is based on Pygame)
  • A keyboard (the same keyboard that you're using for the system will work great)

Ubuntu/Debian installation

Assuming Python 2 is the default Python version:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python-pip git python-dev build-essential python-pygame
sudo pip install luma.emulator
git clone https://github.com/ZeroPhone/ZPUI
python main.py

OpenSUSE installation

sudo zypper install python2-pip git python2-devel gcc python2-curses python2-pygame #If python2- version is not available, try python- and report on IRC - can't test it now
sudo pip2 install luma.emulator
git clone https://github.com/ZeroPhone/ZPUI
python2 main.py

In case of problems

You can either:


Most of the emulator research and work was done by Doug, and later refactored by Brian Dunlay. The input driver was done by Arsenijs. OpenSUSE instructions were compiled with help of piajesse (@Hackaday.io)